Your Donation Helps

To achieve and maintain both academic excellence and real diversity, Detroit Latin is being established as an independent not-for-profit school. Unlike public schools and public charter schools, Detroit Latin is not a tax supported institution.

Building and operating Detroit Latin as a school which combines excellence and access will require the financial support of individuals and institutions who care deeply about our City and its youth. Funds are needed both to establish and maintain a world-class academy and to ensure that its programs are available to promising youth from every quarter.

General Fund

By donating to the general fund, you will help us to purchase, develop and operate our new campus and support the distinguished faculty we are now assembling. We are currently seeking gifts large and small from individuals, family trusts, foundations, corporations—from all who are passionate about continuing the momentum of the Detroit renaissance.


Scholarship Fund

Even as we create a new school for a new Detroit, we are establishing an endowment to ensure that Detroit Latin’s programs are always available to young women and men from every culture and corner of the City.  Even as we serve students from throughout the region, the Endowment will enable Detroit Latin to provide significant financial aid to the most promising youth who reside within the City of Detroit.

Further Information

Please feel free to contact us directly about your gift. For more information about your how you can provide assistance and material support, help please email the school’s Rector, T. Robinson Ahlstrom: