Detroit Latin: A Classical Town School

The Project

Detroit has long been synonymous with the technological genius and industrial might of America. Our love of beauty and singular sense of style are on display in fine art museums and architecture, our automobiles, and high-fashion goods designed, produced and exported by Detroiters. Music and popular culture originating in our area are known the world over-and the beat never seems to end.

Today, as The Motor City retools for the twenty-first century, there are more exciting career opportunities for our youth than ever before. In fact, Detroit’s economy is now so dynamic and diverse that it continues to attract talented professionals and young families from near and far, each hoping to create their own version of the American Dream.

Over the next decade, it’s estimated that eight of ten jobs created in Southeastern Michigan will be unavailable to those without a post-secondary education. To serve its citizens well and continue to draw the best talent from other areas, Detroit will need at least one world-class K-12 academy.

Scheduled to open in the fall of 2019, Detroit Latin is being designed to be that academy.

Great schools are about more than preparing graduates for gainful employment. They are about equipping each one for citizenship, leadership and the real business of living. Detroit Latin’s classically-based “great books” program, its advanced offerings in Science and Technology, its full range of opportunities the arts and athletics, all offered within a wholesome and hearty environment that encourages the first principles of personal character and public responsibility — these are the things that will make it the school our city needs-and our students deserve.

This website is your invitation to join us in building Detroit Latin…

“The education that is best for the best
is the education that is best for all.”

— Robert Maynard Hutchins