Detroit Latin: A Classical Town School

School Description


Rooted in reverence and grounded in the love of learning itself, The Detroit Latin School is a K-12 college preparatory academy offering a vigorous program of arts, letters and sciences within an environment that encourages serious scholarship, independence of thought and clarity of expression.

Detroit Latin’s curriculum is formed around the trivium of grammar, logic and rhetoric and informed by the canon of great books and primary sources which continue to shape and define Western civilization. At the same time, a LATIN education is broad and global, exposing students to world-historical civilizations outside the Occidental tradition. Every Latinian is furnished with a general survey of knowledge, sturdy habits of mind, and the ability to read with comprehension, write with clarity and speak with plainness and power.

As a private school with a public mission, LATIN’s program of liberal studies, including languages ancient and modern, study abroad, formal training in logic and rhetoric, and a variety of opportunities in the arts and athletics, is available to students from every country, culture and economic circumstance. The Detroit Latin School is committed to making classical learning available to all youth—including those whose personal promise is not matched by their family’s ability to secure such an education by their own means.

Wary of broad knowledge without high purpose, The Detroit Latin School seeks to convey to its students the spirit, discipline and moral compass which will render them useful citizens, ready to discharge their duties to God, country and family. While preparing its graduates for college and university, the School’s chief aim is to equip each one for the real business of living and to challenge them to serve the world through their character and leadership.

Detroit Latin is neither a secular nor a sectarian institution. Through its hearty school culture, classical curriculum and Socratic pedagogy, Detroit Latin strives to encourage the spiritual life of every student while honoring the varieties of religious experience represented by its deliberately diverse student population.

As an intentionally inclusive meritocracy, The Detroit Latin School seeks young women and men of good character who are eager to learn and willing to work. It seeks parents who are partners in its task. It seeks instructors who are lifelong learners, called and gifted to teach—and prepared to match precept with example. The Detroit Latin School seeks the support of any and all who believe in the power of ideas and the infinite promise of youth.

Detroit Latin’s Lower and Upper School’s curricula is a carefully sequenced K-12 program of:

  • Classics
  • English Language & Literature
  • History, Geography & Civic Responsibility
  • Rhetoric & Public Elocution
  • Modern Foreign Language (French & Chinese)
  • Mathematics & Logic
  • Science, Engineering & Technology
  • Visual & Performing Arts
  • Wellness & Sport